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At long last you are to have access to the GH Who's Who, such as it is, and welcome!

History: Rather before the turn of the century, I believe, about 55(?) people on the List volunteered to go through their chosen novels and list all the characters and describe them according to guidelines that had been agreed upon. Well, it was a mammoth undertaking, of course, and 55 people involved meant 55 or so ways of doing things, despite guidelines, and 55 lives to interfere with deadlines, and it all went on and on. The upshot was that John Hopfner and I gathered the many bits together and volunteered to edit the lot and publish it somewhere, web or book or something.

We've done our durndest for a couple of years, and John is continuing to go through the historical characters and edit and complete entries novel-by-novel--not to mention starting from scratch with The Great Roxhythe and My Lord John because they had never been done (for some reason!). I have been working on the non-historical characters but have found that the entries were originally done so variably from novel to novel that I usually just started at the beginning of the respective novel and tried to regularize entries. We more or less finished 12 novels (though they all still badly need proofing), but I just don't have the time to continue. Basically the only uniform thing about the character lists from all the novels is that they are in database form.

Roger Burton West long ago offered to put the WW on the web, and we have finally decided to let him do so, however variable and/or incomplete some of it may be. So at least you all will have access to the lists and can copy them and do with them as you like. John will continue to work on the historical characters and give the material to Roger to incorporate into the respective novel databases; if someone wants to take over the fictional characters, that would be fine, but for uniformity it should probably be one person--or at least filtered through one person. A database by novel of the original compilers and checkers will be included here.

So we hope you will enjoy the website. The novels that John and I have pretty well gone through are marked with an asterisk after the title, and the books are listed alphabetically, disregarding articles and such. Thanks for your patience!

Cheers to all,

Mary F-T and John Hopfner


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