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Welcome to the heyerlist.org web site, an on-line consideration of the works of Georgette Heyer.

Webmaster's note: after the original Heyer list was shut down, this site has been rejuvenated as a general Heyer site rather than being restricted to list-specific material. Some items may have moved from their old URLs.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Heyer's life and work. There is also the beginning of a glossary of some of Heyer's unusual language.

Here is a list of the ages and age differences of Heyer's heroes and heroines, compiled by Miranda Bell.

I hope that the site will eventually include more material about Heyer's books. For now, there are some notes on The Reluctant Widow and Venetia.

This site also hosts the Gazetteer, a list of place-names used as charater-names in Heyer, and the Who's Who, a list of characters in Heyer's books and their relationships to each other.

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