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Welcome to Sally Mabey's Heyer Place Names Site!

As all Heyer fans will know, Georgette Heyer used British place names for her characters. Ever since I discovered this I have been fascinated... did she visit them all, or had she just a very good gazetteer? The villain of the first Heyer I read, The Talisman Ring, is Beau Lavenham, and as I used to live in this lovely Suffolk village, I decided then, at about 17 years of age, that one day I would collect not only all the books by my heroine, but all the place-names and map-references, and write a book myself. Having acquired all the books (it only took me forty years!), and being now retired, with the time to do it, I have realised that a book is just too much hard work, and probably would not sell. But I discovered the Internet, and the wonderful website:

so I venture to add my own few ideas to it.

Click on each book, and use your "Back" button to return to the list. NB Where there is more than one place of that particular name, I have listed the most obvious ones, but in some cases there are too many to list, eg "Norton" (I found 26) "Easton" and "Brough". Here and there, I have found "almost" the right name, and in these cases, I have marked the differences in bold in the Notes column.

A Civil Contract


April Lady

Bath Tangle

The Black Moth

Black Sheep

Charity Girl

The Convenient Marriage

The Corinthian


Cousin Kate

Devil's Cub

False Colours

Faro's Daughter

The Foundling

The Reluctant Widow


The Talisman Ring

The Toll Gate

These Old Shades

The Unknown Ajax


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