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 ALDSTONE Louisa Lady subject of the latest crim-con      Not found in Gazetteer
 ANNERWICK   Lord have five daughters, "all puddin'-faced"      Not found in Gazetteer
 ARMATHWAITE   Mrs housekeeper to Rev Hugh Rattray  Cumberland  NY5046  
 BANDY Ned   unsuitable as husband for Olivia Broughty      Not found in Gazetteer
 BATTERSTOWN Albinia Lady cousin of Mrs Broughty      Not found in Gazetteer
 BIDDENDEN   Lord one of the great-nephews  Kent  TQ8438  
 BOTTLESFORD   Mr friend of the Scorton family  Wiltshire  SU1159  
 BROUGHTY Olivia Miss beautiful but penniless  Angus, Scotland  NO4630  Broughty Ferry
 BUCKHAVEN Margaret Lady Freddie Standen's sister  Fife, Scotland  NT3598  
 CHARING Catherine "Kitty" Miss daughter of late Tom Charing  Kent  TQ9549  Also Charing Cross, London, see footnote
 DOLPHINTON Foster Lord simple-minded, one of the great-nephews  Lanarkshire, Scotland  NT1046  
 DRAKEMIRE   Lady did not wish to see her son take Olivia out driving      Not found in Gazetteer
 DUPONT   Mons French dancing-master      Not found in Gazetteer
 EPPLEBY Johnny   "fathered the latest Tresham brat"  NR Yorkshire  NZ1713  
 EVRON Camille Chevalier gamester cousin to Kitty Charing      Not found in Gazetteer
 FANCHON   Madame stylish dressmaker      Not found in Gazetteer
 FENWICK   Dr  physician to Matthew Penicuik  WR Yorkshire  SE5916  others in Northumberland and Ayrshire, Scotland
 FINGLASS     groom to Dolphinton  Fife, Scotland  NT2699  East Finglassie
 FISHGUARD   Miss governess to Kitty Charing  Pembrokeshire  SM9537  
 FOULSTONE   Dr threatened to put Dolphinton in an asylum       Not found in Gazetteer
 GARSDALE   Mr subject of latest crim.con  WR Yorkshire  SD7489  
 GOSFORD Henry Sir "time-worn" beau  Herefordshire Oxfordshire Devon  SO5368 SP4913 SY0997  
 KENDAL   Miss governess to Fanny Standen  Westmorland  SD5192  
 KILVINGTON Charlotte   in love (?) with Jack Westruther  Nottinghamshire  SK8042  
 LEGERWOOD   Lord father of Freddie Standen  Berwickshire, Scotland  NT5843  
 MALHAM   Mr engaged to Susan Scorton  WR Yorkshire  SD9062  
 MALLOW   Miss dresser to Meg Buckhaven  Essex  TL4726  Mallows Green
 PENICUIK Matthew   "Great-Uncle Matthew",rich miser  Midlothian, Scotland  NT2360  
 PLUCKLEY     landlord of the Blue Boar  Kent  TQ9245  
 PLYMSTOCK Hannah   engaged to Lord Dolphinton  Devon  SX5153  
 RATTRAY Hugh Rev one of the great-nephews  Perthshire, Scotland  NO1845  
 SCORTON    Mrs sister to Mrs Broughty and careless chaperone  NR Yorkshire Lancashire  NZ2500 SD5048  
 SKELTON     butler to Lady Buckhaven  ER Yorkshire NR Yorkshire NR Yorkshire Cumberland  SE7625 NZ6518 SE5756 NY4335  
 SKIRLING James   reputed drowned in Scottish loch  Peeblesshire, Scotland  NT0739  
 SPIDDLE     valet to Matthew Penicuik      Not found in Gazetteer
 STANDEN Freddie Hon eldest son of Lord Legerwood  Kent  TQ8540  
 STICKLEPATH   Mr suggested husband for Olivia Broughty  West Devon North Devon Somerset Somerset  SX6394 SS5532 ST0436 ST3012  
 STOBHILL     butler to Matthew Penicuik  Northumberland  NZ2084  
 STONEHOUSE Jasper   friend of Freddie Standen  Gloucestershire Devon Lanarkshire, Scotland  SO8005 SX4654 NS7546  
 WESTRUTHER Jack Mr one of the great-nephews  Berwickshire, Scotland  NT6350  
 YALDING  Maria  Lady  eldest daughter of Lord Annerwick  Kent  TQ7050  

Footnote: Charing Cross, London. Its name is believed to derive from "Chere Reine", Queen Eleanor, wife of King Edward I. She died in 1290, and her body was brought from the North to London for burial, 12 large elaborate stone crosses were later erected at the places the cortege stopped for the night. The resting places for the Queen's coffin and therefore sites for memorial crosses were: Lincoln, Grantham, Stamford, Geddington, Hardingstone, Stony Stratford, Woburn, Dunstable, St. Albans, Waltham, Cheapside (West Cheap), Charing Cross; and finally the coffin would have arrived at Westminster Abbey for a state burial. Only three of the original memorial crosses now remain - at Geddington, Hardingstone and Waltham.
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