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Cousin Kate

 ASTLEY   Mr & Mrs sacked Kate for having "insinuating manners"  Worcestershire Warwickshire Shropshire Lancashire  SO7867 SP3189 SJ5218 SD7000  
 BADGER     valet to Torquil  Shropshire  SO7699  
 BROOME Minerva Lady Kate's father's sister  Norfolk Worcestershire Shropshire Shropshire  TM3491 SO9078 SO4080 SO5298  
 CHATBURN     Sir Timothy's bailiff  Lancashire  SD7644  
 DELABOLE   Dr doctor in charge of Torquil and his father  Cornwall  SX0684  
 FLEET     gatekeeper at Staplewood  Dorset Hampshire Hampshire Lincolnshire  SY6380 SU7201 SU8054 TF3823  
 GRITTLETON   Mrs mother of Mrs Astley, responsible for sacking Kate  Wiltshire  ST8580  
 KNOWLE     valet and general factotum to Philip Broome  Somerset  ST3339  others in Wiltshire, Warwickshire, Shropshire and Devon
 MALVERN Kate Miss niece to Lady Broome  Worcestershire  SO7745 SO7640  Great Malvern Little Malvern; there are also M Common, M Link and M Wells, all in Worcestershire
 NIDD Sarah Mrs old nurse to Kate  WR Yorkshire  SE3059/60  
 OGBOURNE   Dr family doctor, superseded by Delabole    SE3059 SU1872 SU1974  Ogbourne Maizey Ogbourne St Andrew Ogbourne St George
 PENNYMORE     butler at Staplewood      Not found in Gazetteer
 QUEDGELEY   Mrs sewing-woman at Staplewood  Gloucestershire   SO8114  
 RISBY     head gardener at Staplewood  Suffolk Lincolnshire Lincolnshire  TL7966 TF1491 SE9314  
 SCHOLES     groom to Torquil  Lancashire  SD5805  6 others in WR Yorkshire
 SIDLAW   Miss dresser to Lady Broome      Not found in Gazetteer
 TEMPLECOMBE  Gurney   friend and neighbour of Torquil  Somerset  ST7022  
 TENBY     Sir Timothy's valet  Pembrokeshire  SN1300  
 THORNE   Mrs housekeeper at Staplewood  WR Yorkshire Cornwall  SE6813 SS2104  
 WHALLEY     groom to Torquil  Lancashire  SD7336  

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