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 BUNDY Abel & Ned   Smugglers    Not found in Gazetteer
 CLEGHORN     butler to Beau Lavenham  NS 9045 Lanarkshire, Scotland  
 deVAUBAN Eustacie Mlle      Not found in Gazetteer
 DICKSON     skipper of the Saucy Annie    Not found in Gazetteer
 GREGG     valet to Beau Lavenham    Not found in Gazetteer
 JARVIS     valet to Sylvester   TQ5329 Sussex  Jarvis Green
 JOHNSON     estate carpenter  TG3717 Norfolk  Johnson Street
 JUPP     valet to Tristram Sheild    Not found in Gazetteer
 KETTERING Jim & Bob   head groom and his son  SP8678 Northamptonshire  
 LAVENHAM  Ludovic   grandson of Sylvester  TL9149 Suffolk  
 MATTHEWS Jerry   loaded Ludovic's gun for him when he shot out all six candles   SU8069 Berkshire  Matthewsgreen
 NYE Joseph   landlord of the RedLion  ST4161 Somerset  
 PEABODY William   Bow Street Runner    Not found in Gazetteer
 PLUNKETT Matthew Sir  killed, supposedly by Ludovic Lavenham    Not found in Gazetteer
 PORSON     butler at Lavenham Court    Not found in Gazetteer
 SHIELD Tristram Sir    NZ2053 Durham  Shield Row, plus14 other place names inclusing the word "Shield"
 STUBBS Jeremiah   Bow Street Runner  TM3597 Norfolk  Stubbs Green
 SUNNING Jem   groom who went to America   SU9567 / SU9368 Berkshire  Sunningdale and Sunninghill, also alternative name for Sonning Berkshire
 THANE Sarah & Hugh   brother and sister, staying at Red Lion    Thanet, administrative district in Kent
 TOWNSEND     Bow Street Runner  SS6325 Devon  9 others in Devon, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Somerset & Wiltshire
 WRIGHT Samson   magistrate in charge of Bow Street Runners   real person, appointed Magistrate at Bow Street in 1782

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