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 ALLANDALE Jeremy Mr in love with Letty Merrion  Stirlingshire, Scotland  NS8078  
 BAILLIE  Matthew Dr fashionable doctor      real person 1761 - 1823
 BEADING   Mrs cousin of Nell's, holds a masquerade      not found in Gazetteer
 BERRY  Anges and Mary the Misses close friends of Lady Cardross      real people1764-1830
 BLAKE   Mr hairdresser  Essex  TL7022 Blake End
 BOTTISHAM   Mr    Cambridgeshire TL5460  
BRIXWORTH   Lady    Northamptonshire SP7470  
BURNLEY George   friend of Felix Hethersett  Lancashire  SD8332  
 CARDROSS Giles Earl husband of Nell and half-brother to Letty  Dumbartonshire, Scotland  NS3477  
CATWORTH   Mr jeweller who buys the Cardross necklace from Letty  Huntingtonshire TL0873  
 CHUDLEIGH   Lady formidable aunt of Cardross  Devon SX8679  
CLOPTON   Mrs housekeeper to Cardross  Northamptonshire  TL0680  
COOLING     acquaintance of Dysart  Kent  TQ7576  
DORSET  John Frederick Sackville Lord (3rd Duke) famous for riding a white horse  well, Dorset!    real person
 DYSART   Viscount brother to Nell  Fife   NT3093  
EASTWELL Godfrey Sir expectant father  Leicestershire  SK7728  
FANCOT Cornelius Mr friend of Dysart  Bedfordshire  TL0127  Fancott
FARLEY     butler to Cardross  Shropshire  SJ3807

 Others in Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Somerset and Wiltshire
 HARDWICK   Lord    Durham  NZ4121  13 of them, not counting "Great", "Little", "Lower" etc!
HETHERSETT Felix  Mr cousin to Cardross  Norfolk  TG1504  
HUMBY   Mr betrothed to Miss Fanny Thorne  Lincolnshire  TF0032  
JEFFREYS     jewellers  Pembrokeshire  SN0806  Jeffreyston
KENT   Mr man of business to Cardross well, Kent!    
 KING   Mr Jewish money-lender     real person?
 LAVALLE   Madame expensive dressmaker     not found in gazetteer
 MARLOW     one of Nell's "Flirts"  Buckinghamshire  SU8586  another in Herefordshire
 MERION Letitia ("Letty") Miss half-sister to Cardross  probably from county in Wales    Merioneth
 MOULTON     agent of Lord Pevensey  N Riding of Yorkshire  NZ2303

 others in Cheshire, Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire, Suffolk, and Glamorgan, Wales
 ORSETT   Lady ex-mistress of Cardross  Essex  TQ6481  
 PEVENSEY   Lord father to Nell and Dysart  Sussex  TQ6404  
 PUTTENHAM   Miss runs a seminary  Hertfordshire  SP8814  another in Surrey
 ROXWELL   Lord Foreign Office diplomat  Essex  TL6408  
 SHOTWICK   Mr and Mrs run the house where Jeremy Allandale lodges  Cheshire  SJ3371  
 SOMERBY John Sir friend of Cardross  Leicestershire  SK7710  another in Lincolnshire
STOWE Jerry   "a safe man at the corner" (Tattersalls) - friend of Dysart  Staffordshire  SK1210  others in herefordshire, Shropshire and Gloucestershire
 SUTTON   Miss dresser to Lady Cardross  Kent  TR3349

 probably the greatest number of all the place-names, I found 25!
THISTLETON Maria Miss cousin of Letty  Lancashire  SD4037

 another in Rutland
THOMAS     butler to Mrs Thorne  Glamorgan  SO0506

 Thomas Town, others in Cumberland, Pembrokeshire and Monmouthshire
THORNE Selina and Fanny Misses cousins of Letty  West Riding of Yorkshire  SE6813

 another in Cornwall
TILTON   Mr fashionable dentist     real person
 TODDINGTON   Mrs famous for driving a team of chestnuts  Gloucestershire  SP0332  others in bedfordshire and Sussex
 TUBBS   Mr nurseryman from Chelsea  Cornwall  SW9643  Tubbs Mill
 TUXTED William Rev "the only clergyman with whom Selina is well-acquainted"    

 not found in gazetteer
 WARREN   Mr perfumier      real person Richard Warren circa 1772
WELDON   Lady hostess who decorated her ballroom with pink calico  Northumberland  NZ1398  another in Northamptonshire
WESTBURY     one of Nell's flirts  Shropshire  SJ3509

 others in Buckinghamshire and Wiltshire
WILBY   Miss governess to Nell and her sisters  Northamptonshire  SP8666

 others in Norfolk and Suffolk
WITTERING   Mr gregarious gentleman  Northamptonshire  TF0502

also a West Wittering in Sussex
WOODBRIDGE   Miss governess to Thorne sisters  Northumberland  NZ2888

 others in Gloucestershire, Dorset, Devon and Suffolk

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