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compiled by Miranda Bell

(The Proportion column gives the heroine's age as a percentage of the hero's.)

Avon [40+]
(Stated in text [s.i.t.] Ch. 8) "I - I am over forty".
Leonie de St. Vire [19]
The same age as her changeling, (s.i.t. Ch 7.)
21+ years apart 48% These Old Shades
Rule [35]
(s.i.t. Ch. 2) "thirty-five makes a poor husband for seventeen."
Horry Winwood [17]
(s.i.t. Ch. 2) "I am t-turned seventeen."
18 years apart 51% The Convenient Marriage
Oliver Carleton [45+]
He was Lucilla's father's elder brother. There was a three year age gap between the Carleton brothers. Lucilla's father was the same age as Ninian's father. Ninian is just down from Oxford so about 21. Call his father 42, if he married young.
[the reasoning here is Rachel Tennant's]
Annis Wychwood [29]
(s.i.t. Ch. 1) 'the day of her birth, almost thirty years before'.
16+ years apart 64% Lady Of Quality
Nick Beauvallet [35]
(s.i.t. Ch. 6) "Thirty-five summers and still roaming the world" (Lord Beauvallet).
Dominica de Rada y Silva [?20]
No evidence found, but hard to see her as older than this.
15+ years apart 57% Beauvallet
Worth [35]
Brummel is 34 (s.i.t. Ch. 21) and Worth is a year his senior.
Judith Taverner [20]
has her 21st birthday at the end of the book.
15 years apart 57% Regency Buck
Cardross [32]
Nell is 'fourteen years younger than he' (Ch. 1).
Nell (nee Irvine) [18]
(s.i.t. Ch. 1) 'She was, in fact, not yet nineteen years old.'
14 years apart 56% April Lady
Rotherham [38]
(s.i.t. Ch. 12) "He is thirty-eight" (Serena).
Serena Carlow [25]
(s.i.t. Ch. 1) 'a Titian-haired beauty of some twenty-five summers'.
13 years apart 66% Bath Tangle
Damerel [38]
(s.i.t. Ch. 13) "you are eight-and-thirty now" (Venetia).
Venetia Lanyon [25]
(s.i.t. Ch. 2) 'she had never been in love, and at five-and-twenty...'.
13 years apart 66% Venetia
Alverstoke [37]
(s.i.t. Ch. 3) "I am seven-and-thirty, ma'am."
Frederica Merriville [24]
(s.i.t. Ch. 3) "I am four-and-twenty."
13 years apart 65% Frederica
Miles Calverleigh [40]
He was sent to India at the age of 20, and has been there for 20 years.
[the reasoning here is Rachel Tennant's]
Abigail Wendover [28]
(s.i.t. CH. 3) "I am more than eight-and-twenty, Mr. Calverleigh!"
12 years apart 70% Black Sheep
Richard Wyndham [29]
(s.i.t. Ch.1) "a man of nine-and-twenty" (George).
Penelope Creed [17]
(s.i.t. Ch. 2) "I am turned seventeen."
12 years apart 59% The Corinthian
Robert Beaumaris [30]
(s.i.t., Ch. 7) 'It was fortunate that he was thirty'.
Arabella Tallant [19]
Frederick Bridlington is 'some seven or eight years older than Mrs. Tallant's daughter', and he is 26. Bertram is not quite 18, and is younger than Arabella. She must be either 19 or very nearly so.
[the reasoning here is Rachel Tennant's]
11 years apart 63% Arabella
Jack Carstares [30]
(s.i.t. Ch. 12) '"I'm thirty!" protested Jack.'
Diana Beauleigh [19/20]
(Ch. 11) 'a slight, graceful girl of not more than nineteen or twenty.'
10/11 years apart 63-67% The Black Moth
Edward Carlyon [36]
He became head of his family when he was 18 and Nicky was an infant; Nicky is now at least 18, in his first year at Oxford. (Ch. 2).
Elinor Rochdale[26]
(s.i.t. Ch. 1) "I am six-and-twenty."
10 years apart 72% The Reluctant Widow
Charles Audley [35]
(s.i.t. Ch. 8) "a man of thirty-five is capable of judging for himself" (Worth).
Barbara Childe [25]
(s.i.t. Ch. 2) 'She was twenty-five years old'.
10 years apart 71% An Infamous Army
Harry Smith [24]
(s.i.t. Ch. 1) 'rising twenty-five'.
Juana Smith [14]
(s.i.t. Ch. 8) "I am now more than fourteen, señor."
10 years apart 58% The Spanish Bride
Max Ravenscar [35]
(s.i.t. Ch. 1) 'He was thirty-five years of age'.
Deb Grantham [25]
(s.i.t. Ch. 4) "a gamester five years his elder" (said of herself and the 20-year-old Adrian).
10 years apart 71% Faro's Daughter
Gervase Frant [30]
Theo is 29; Martin is six years Theo's junior; Gervase is 'the brother seven years older' (Ch.1.)
Drusilla Morville [20/21]
20 or 21: if a debutante in her first season is 17/18. Mrs. Morville mentions that Drusilla has three seasons behind her.
[the reasoning here is Rachel Tennant's]
9/10 years apart 67-70% The Quiet Gentleman
Anthony Fanshawe [35]
(Ch. 2) "And thirty-five years old at the very least!" (Letty Grayson).
Prudence Tremaine [26]
(s.i.t. Ch. 3) '"for your years." In truth they numbered twenty-six...'
9 years apart 74% The Masqueraders
Waldo Hawkridge [35]
(s.i.t. Ch. 4) 'at the age of five-and-thirty believed he was past the age of falling in love'.
Ancilla Trent [26]
(s.i.t. Ch. 2) "Chit of a girl!" "Six-and-twenty!"
9 years apart 74% The Nonesuch
Sylvester [27]
(s.i.t. Ch. 1) 'just entered his twenty-eighth year.'
Phoebe Marlow [19]
(s.i.t. Ch. 4) 'nineteen years of age, and a debutante of a season's standing'.
8 years apart 70% Sylvester
Sherry [23]
(Ch. 1,) "there are two years to run before the trust comes to an end", at which time he will be twenty-five.
Hero Wantage[16]
(s.i.t. Ch. 2) "I shall be seventeen in a fortnight's time."
7 years apart 70% Friday's Child
Gareth Ludlow [35]
(s.i.t. Ch. 1) "a man of five-and-thirty" (Warren)
Hester Theale [29]
(s.i.t. Ch. 1) "nine-and-twenty if she's a day!" (Beatrix)
6 years apart 83% Sprig Muslin
Charles Rivenhall [26]
(s.i.t. Ch. 1) 'The Hon. Charles Rivenhall was twenty-six years old'.
Sophy Stanton-Lacy [20]
(s.i.t. Ch. 1) "She's twenty." (Sir Horace)
6 years apart 77% The Grand Sophy
Adam Deveril, Ld Lynton [26]
(s.i.t. Ch. 1) 'He looked older than his twenty-six years'.
Jenny Chawleigh [20/21]
Jenny is two years older than Julia Oversley; Julia is in her second season and so 18/19.
5/6 years apart 77-81% A Civil Contract
Hugo Darracott[27]
(s.i.t. Ch. 3) "Much your own age: seven-and-twenty."
Anthea Darracott[22]
(s.i.t. Ch. 1) 'Her daughter ... was twenty-two years of age'.
5 years apart 81% The Unknown Ajax
Philip Broome [29]
(s.i.t. Ch. 12) '"Nine-and-twenty. But very nearly thirty!" he replied.'
Kate Malvern [24]
(s.i.t. Ch. 1) 'She was four-and twenty years old'.
5 years apart 83% Cousin Kate
Philip Jettan [23]
(s.i.t. Ch. 1) 'He was now some twenty-three years old'.
Cleone Charteris [18]
(s.i.t. Ch. 2) 'she was just eighteen'.
5 years apart 78% Powder and Patch
Kit Fancot [24]
(s.i.t. Ch. 1) 'at four-and-twenty'.
Cressy Stavely [20]
(s.i.t. Ch. 2) "she is twenty" (Lady Denville).
4 years apart 83% False Colours
Gilly Ware, Duke of Sale [24]
(s.i.t. Ch. 2) "You, at twenty-four" (Lord Lionel).
Harriet Presteigne [20]
(s.i.t. Ch. 26) 'Even Harriet, with twenty years of strict training'.
4 years apart 83% The Foundling
Ashley Desford [29]
(s.i.t. Ch. 1): "I'm nine-and-twenty".
Hetta Silverdale [25]
(s.i.t. Ch. 2) "You will be twenty-six on the 15th of January next" (Desford).
4 years apart 86% Charity Girl
Tristram Shield [31]
(s.i.t. Ch. 1) "How old are you?" "Thirty-one."
Sarah Thane [28]
(s.i.t. Ch. 4) 'She was twenty-eight years of age'.
3 years apart 90% The Talisman Ring
John Staple [29]
(s.i.t. Ch. 1) 'he was twenty-nine years of age'.
Nell Stornaway [26]
(s.i.t. Ch. 5) "I am twenty-six years of age, and very well able to take care of myself".
3 years apart 90% The Toll-Gate
Dominic Alastair, Vidal [23]
(s.i.t. Ch. 1) "Twenty-four all but a month or two."
Mary Challoner [20]
(s.i.t. Ch. 3) 'here she was, actually twenty years of age'.
3 years apart 87% Devil's Cub
Freddy Standen [21+]
He is of age (s.i.t. Ch. 7, Lord Legerwood) and is eighteen months younger than his sister Meg, Lady Buckhaven, who has been married for less than a year (s.i.t. Ch. 6, Lady L.) He is also "the eldest" (s.i.t. Ch. 16, Meg) which makes it impossible to put an age on him.
Kitty Charing [19]
(s.i.t. Ch. 2) "You have not yet reached your twentieth birthday" (Cousin Hugh).
2+ years apart 90% Cotillion

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