Dr Ratcliffe's Restorative Pork Jelly
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A recipe for "Dr Ratcliff's [sic] Restorative Pork Jelly" can be found in A New System of Domestic Cookery Formed Upon Principles of Economy [etc] by Maria Eliza Ketelby Rundell, Lady. This is from the 1826 edition; the book was first published in 1806 but it is not clear whether this recipe was present in that edition. Thanks to Ruth Gale who located this:

Take a leg of well-fed pork, just as cut up, beat it, and break the bone. Set it over a gentle fire with three gallons of water, and simmer to one. Let half an ounce of mace, and the same of nutmegs stew in it. When cold, tak off the fat. Give a chocolate cup the first and last thing, and at noon, putting salt to taste.

Facsimile on Google Books here.

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